July 19, 2021

Rebecca + Beau Engagement Session at the Paint Mines

couple sitting on the ground cuddling at the paint mines

Florentina Soare

When Rebecca reached out to me about shooting her wedding, she was on the fence about using the complimentary engagement session included in her package. When I finally convinced them to take advantage of the session, she mentioned that she wanted to do something different than all of her other friends. We decided on a neutral theme at the Paint Mines for their engagement session. Let me tell you, I almost died of happiness when they showed up with a full laundry hamper of clothes, as well as a duffle bag just filled to the brim with outfit changes, accessories, and hats.

We started off with the neutral cream theme, and focused on a mix of fun, but also high fashion vibes.

Their second outfit choice consisted of this cute denim dress from FreePeople, and the coolest cowboy boots I have ever seen. Beau wore all black as well, and decided to put some of the Paint MIne dust on his pants for a more rugged, worn in look. I think It worked perfectly.

We finished with a bang. Rebecca told me that overalls are a closet staple for her, so I wanted to make sure we documented her usual style. Since this outfit was more comfortable, we were able to have more fun with the prompts, and had Beau put her on his shoulders, spin her around, etc.

We also got blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. On the trail back to the car, we had to stop and get some sunset photos as well.

Which outfit was your favorite from this set?

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